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Helping children and their families build a strong

of speech, language, & feeding skills. 



About Us

Early Foundations Speech and Feeding Services is a pediatric private practice serving children in Hudsonville, Michigan and the surrounding areas. We offer speech-language therapy and feeding therapy to children of all ages from the comfort of your own home, or in our clinic. Telehealth services are also available for all Michigan residents. 


We place high value in creating a relationship with the child, as well as their family/caregivers. Our goal is to provide individualized (and fun!) treatment, along with parent training to help the child build a strong foundation of speech, language and feeding skills. Treatment is intended to be enjoyable, motivating, functional and meaningful! 

Meet Owner
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Meet the Owner

Courtney Grysen M.A., CCC-SLP

Owner, Speech-Language Pathologist

Courtney is a Michigan licensed and ASHA certified Speech Language Pathologist.  She completed her bachelor’s degree from Grand Valley State University and received her master’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology from Western Michigan University. Courtney has experience working in a variety of settings with a variety of ages including inpatient hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, home health care, and outpatient clinics. She has a particular passion for working with children, and finds joy in watching them learn and grow. 

Courtney has passion for  lifelong learning and continues to stay up to date with the current research and evidence based practices to best support the individuals she works with.  Additionally, she is Beckman Oral-Motor, LSVT LOUD, SOS (Sequential Oral Sensory- approach to feeding), and Myofunctional therapy trained. She also has specific training in play based therapy techniques.

Courtney strives to build sessions that support development of skills through compassion, connection, and joy.

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While she treats the wide spectrum of speech, language, and feeding disorders her favorite treatment areas include early language intervention, and pediatric feeding/swallowing disorders. She also has interest and experience with pre and post frenectomy (a.k.a., tongue tie release) interventions, including a sensorimotor approach as well as myofunctional therapy. In her spare time, Courtney can be found spending time with her husband, 3 daughters, and Goldendoodle! 

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How Can Early Foundations Help?

Free Consultations

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​We facilitate formal and informal assessments to determine the presence or absence of a speech or language disorder. 

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Early Foundations Website (6).png
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Speech Therapy

Caregiver Training

​Reach out today for a free consultation so we can learn more about your child and decide whether or not a speech therapy evaluation is warranted.

​We provide individualized speech therapy services with your child's specific goals in mind.

​We provide training and additional home exercise programs to help your children improve and maintain skills beyond therapy sessions.​

"Play is our brain's favorite way of learning."

-Diane Ackerman

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Early Foundations Website (5).png

Our Services


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Social Communication

Speech-language pathologists work to assess, diagnose, prevent, and treat disorders having to do with speech, communication, and feeding including:

Cognitive Communication

​When your infant or child is a “picky eater”, has trouble eating or, more specifically, swallowing.


Oral Motor/

Myofunctional Therapy

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Early Foundations Website (8).png
Early Foundations Website (8).png
Early Foundations Website (8).png
Early Foundations Website (8).png

When your child has trouble producing speech.

​When your child has trouble understanding others or expressing themselves. 

​When your child has trouble holding a conversation with others or following social norms.

​When your child has trouble organizing their thoughts.

​When your child has trouble moving oral-motor muscles (lips, jaw, tongue, etc.) in order to produce speech and eat 

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After a few visits with a different speech pathologist for feeding therapy and then reaching out to Courtney the first visit confimed that we made the right decision. Courtney provided practical tools, inexpensive interventions, and skill. She had extreme patience with our strong willed child. She not only helped Leelynn to make progress but also look forward to her visits. We couldn’t recommend her enough!!

 -Aaron and Dianna R. 

Speech with Courtney has been such a blessing to our daughter. She’s excited to show me each week what she has worked on and even asks to play “speech school.” She makes therapy fun, and for that I am so thankful. As a parent I get professional reports of progress made and clear communication of exercises we can work on. I would highly recommend Courtney for your child’s speech needs! 

 -Erin S.



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3300 VanBuren St. Suite A6, Hudsonville MI 49426

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Phone: (616) 229-0525 

Fax: (616) 469-1644

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Early Foundations Website (10).png
Early Foundations Website (10).png

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